Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese with Broccoli and Chicken Apple Sausage

I made this super tasty mac n’ cheese dish a few weeks ago on a visit to SoCal. It’s the perfect marriage of broccoli, apple, and cheddar. My hungry crowd of friends gobbled it right up. 

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Meat and Seafood Paella

First of all, I OWE you guys. I’ve been soooo busy that I have 2 recipes I have yet to write. I will get them to you Monday, I promise! I am sure this will hold you over until then.

I love paella, it always feels fresh and different and while paella isn’t really pasta it has all the qualities I love about pasta and more. So make room for Friday night paella dinner!

Making paella isn’t hard but it’s definitely a labor of love. In the end, the result is totally worth it. I tried to keep this paella small but, like usual, I went a bit overboard! Feel free to add and improvise with the ingredients. That’s half the fun!

***The key to paella is prep and timing. Make sure that all of your ingredients are cleaned, chopped, and measured before you begin.

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Ricotta and Potato Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables

In honor of the first day of spring I am making you a very springy gnocchi! Yes, I made two kinds of gnocchi, partiality because I enjoy being an overachiever and partiality because my dinner guest couldn’t eat a lot of dairy.

You don’t need to make both kinds of gnocchi but 1/2 and 1/2 gives you a really good balance of cheesiness and doughiness.

I’ll be honest this is a lot of work. You should chop your veggies and make your ricotta gnocchi batter ahead of time to save time.

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Spaghetti Squash with Toasted Pine Nuts, Broccolini, and Burrata

As I’ve stated in previous post, sometimes I struggle with what to post each Friday and sometimes I know exactly what I am going to make. This week I fell somewhere in between those extremes. While discussing Friday Night Pasta Dinner with a friend, she told me that pasta is the only thing she misses [in regards to a lower carb diet] which got me thinking about pastaless pasta dinner.

I went home and scoured the internet for inspiration. Most recipes involved using a spiral vegetable slicer to cut zucchini into spaghetti like spirals and then dredging the zucchini in red sauce. While I am sure many of those recipes are delicious there were two problems: a.) I just posted a spaghetti and red sauce recipe b.) I don’t own a spiral vegetable slicer. So I fell back on the spaghetti squash, yes, weird squash that textures into spaghetti. I wanted to keep it simple and light because it is after all supposed to be a “healthy” alternative, so I topped with roasted pine nuts, broccolini and burrata.

I’ll be honest after a heavy eating week this “pasta” was just what I needed!

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Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna with Turkey Sausage and Brown Butter Mushrooms

Lasagna was the first real meal I ever tried to cook. It was terrible. I’ve come a long way from those days. This lasagna marries all sorts of amazing deliciousness- it’s got a bechamel sauce instead of traditional tomato and delicious roasted butternut squash.

I didn’t use all of my bechamel and threw some tomato sauce to keep a balance of creaminess/cheesiness, but if you like your lasagna extra cheesy go all in!

Now please excuse me while I stuff my face and binge watch the new season of House of Cards. 

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Fusilli with Lemon Herbed Chicken, Sunchokes, Romanesco, Asparagus, and Leeks

This week I had NO IDEA what I wanted to make. Usually I have an idea by the end of the week, but I was in a pasta rut this week, so I enlisted the help of my instagram followers.

My friend Sam suggested something with seasonal veggies and while most of the time I decide what I am making based off what I can find at the farmers market, I decided to go ALL OUT for Sam.

I already had sunchokes in mind when I got to the market, but then I saw the romanesco I knew I had to buy it, mostly just because it was weird and beautiful.

Fusilli is the perfect pasta for this dish, it’s spirals hug all of the ingredients.

This is for you Sam!

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