One Pot (almost) Herbed Fettuccine with Cannellini Beans, Whilted Greens, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Basil

Is winter over yet? I’m ready for spring; spring sunshine and spring pasta. . . but it’s not spring although it doesn’t feel THAT wintery in California. So I made a pasta to echo that sentiment.

I found herbed fettuccine at the farmers market this week so that’s what I used; however, you could just use regular fettuccine.

There isn’t much cooking involved in this recipe- the hot pasta water pretty much does it all for you and also makes very little mess!

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Linguine with Bolognese Meat Sauce and Seared Eggplant

Disclaimer: I think a good white sauce is a lot easier to make than a good red or meat sauce, this recipe proves that theory correct (at least in my eyes).  It requires A LOT of patience and quite a bit of time.

Spaghetti and meat sauce is a classic, so when I got The Silver Spoon cookbook (the ultimate guide to Italian cooking) for Christmas and saw this recipe for a homemade Bolognese I knew it would be one of the first recipes to make. The Silver Spoon is all about simplicity, so I didn’t want to overwhelm this simple sauce with a lot of fuss. I chose to pair it with fresh pasta and seared eggplant because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t include some sort of substantial vegetable in this dish.

I love fresh pasta. It cooks quickly and has a nice doughy taste. I am fortunate enough to live nearby a market that sells it. If you can’t find fresh pasta the dried stuff is still pretty strachey and tasty.

Click on for the recipe!

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Butternut Squash, Chard, Meatball, “Mac n’ Cheese”

You never know when inspiration is going to strike. For me inspiration usually strikes on Fridays, lazy inspiration that is. Pasta is easy and comforting, the perfect meal to end a long week. Friday Night Pasta Dinner has become a tradition at our house, and now it can be one at yours too!

This is a pretty healthy (minus the cheese) and straightforward meal, you could sub the butternut squash for a number of other squashed, the chard for any leafy green, and the meatballs for any protein.

Here it is, enjoy!

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