Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese with Broccoli and Chicken Apple Sausage

I made this super tasty mac n’ cheese dish a few weeks ago on a visit to SoCal. It’s the perfect marriage of broccoli, apple, and cheddar. My hungry crowd of friends gobbled it right up. 

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Meat and Seafood Paella

First of all, I OWE you guys. I’ve been soooo busy that I have 2 recipes I have yet to write. I will get them to you Monday, I promise! I am sure this will hold you over until then.

I love paella, it always feels fresh and different and while paella isn’t really pasta it has all the qualities I love about pasta and more. So make room for Friday night paella dinner!

Making paella isn’t hard but it’s definitely a labor of love. In the end, the result is totally worth it. I tried to keep this paella small but, like usual, I went a bit overboard! Feel free to add and improvise with the ingredients. That’s half the fun!

***The key to paella is prep and timing. Make sure that all of your ingredients are cleaned, chopped, and measured before you begin.

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